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Complete with recreational facilities and amenities, Princeton Residences includes a swimming pool, a poolside cabana, and access to conventional retail. Moreover for it also carries a student lounge, a children's play area and multi-purpose rooms. At Princeton Residences, everything is within your reach at the very comfort of your own elegant New Manila abode.

Princeton Residences provides you a vast space for your family as well as your loved ones. The development is well known for its great five-star amenities. Hence, the homeowners do not have to search for the amenities out of their comfort condo units.

At the apartment, there is an area secluded which is the kid’s playing ground. The game field has plenty space for different games like football, tennis ball, and much more games that your children would like to engage. Also, the playing area has swings, water slides, merry go rounds, playground climber, kiddie rides, spiral slides and much more. Staying at the Princeton Residences will provide the children the kind of lifestyle that all the kids wish to have in all their day to day lives. Also, at the game grounds, your children get a great opportunity in socializing with other children from the different families.

The apartment consists a welcoming grand lobby that invites all the visitors as well as the residents.

The Princeton Residences have well-covered gazebos where the homeowners can relax while enjoying the beautiful view of the surrounding environment. The gazebos are situated in a very convenient location where one can get to enjoy the view of the surroundings.

The Princeton Residences has swimming pools as well as pool deck. The available swimming pools are beautifully designed for all the residents as well as visitors, both the young as well as the old. The swimming pool at Princeton Residences are properly treated and maintained to take care of the homeowners’ health. Princeton Residences’ pool deck is wide enough for the homeowners. Those at the swimming pool can relax on the pool deck after being involved in the swimming activity. The Princeton Residences’ developers ensured there is a swimming pool to cater for the health benefits of its residents. Swimming act is just an entire body therapy for all humans because all of our body muscles are properly utilized in the swimming action. Plus, swimming is a unique recreational activity for anyone, both young and old. Swimming Provides a person with a low-impact workout as well as a constant feeling of relaxation

The Princeton Residences also has special and convenient rooms such as the game rooms, gym room, and library. The available library provides the readers with an excellent and quiet surrounding where they can feel convenient to do private studies or just read their best novels, magazines, and newspapers.  The available gym rooms have different resources which a gym person needs for the different kinds of working out. The game rooms provide the Princeton Residents’ with a great chance to engage different games such as the table tennis, basketball and much more. Residents at the Princeton Residences worry less about where to do their different functions since the area has more than one functional rooms where the individual in the premises have an equal opportunity of holding their planned events such as the personal meetings, happy birthdays, parties, and much more. 

The Princeton Residences is a Multi-Purpose Complex. The building is divided in a way that it can serve all kinds of activities that the residents might want to do in a day. At the ground floor, the apartment has a shopping area, relaxation area, recreational area, and much more area. All the available condo units in the flat have a large main entrance lobby.

Princeton Residences has enough parking slots for both motorcycles and vehicles for the homeowners. The parking spaces are more than the condo units at the Princeton Residences. Therefore, for the residents who have more than one truck, there are many parking slots for all their vehicles. The parking area is very secure because the location has well-monitored CCTV cameras.

The Princeton Residences is just the perfect place to live due to its great five-star amenities as well as facilities. Also, the area is secure and convenient since one can easily access the hospitals, school worship places, business and commercial districts and much more. Book your condo unit at the Princeton Residences and start enjoying what the area has to offer.

  • Chambermaid Services (Maintenance and Housekeeping)
  • Wi-Fi Access on Common Areas
  • Five (5) Parking Levels
  • Elevated Water Storage Tanks and One (1) Underground Water Storage Tank
  • Stand-by Generator Set for Common Areas, Select Residential Outlets and Commercial Area
  • Automatic Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System
  • Natural Air Ventilation for Common Areas
  • Sufficient Fire Exits
  • Spacious Lobby and Corridors
  • Service Stairs
  • Grand Entrance Lobby
  • Covered Drop-off Area
  • Three (3) Passenger Elevators
  • One (1) Service Elevator
  • Swimming Pool
  • Poolside Cabana
  • Commercial Area
  • Student Lounge
  • Multi-purpose / Function Room
  • Children's Play Area
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